Flagstaff House Now Has Office Of The President’s Brothers?

A Communications team member of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Charles Owusu has hinted that the seat of government (Flagstaff House) now has an office for the President’s brothers to operate from.

According to him, it is healthy for President John Dramani Mahama to appoint his brothers if they are capable of working in his government but not to set up an office for them at the Flagstaff House at the expense of the state.

“If you are a President and you appoint your siblings to work in your administration, I don’t have any problem with that because they are Ghanaians as well. But now we have the ‘Office of the President’s brothers…and they (government) know what I am talking about,” he said.

The PPP communicator however sorts to find out whether the President included his brothers when he recently sent a list of the Presidential Staffers to Parliament.

“What I want to ask is that, were their (Mahama’s brothers) names mentioned in the Presidential Staffers? Their names are not in…so who gave them that authority to occupy the office at the Presidency? Are they being paid from government coffers or what?

“Ghanaians should be vigilant…we now have a President who can set up an office for his brothers. What are they doing in that office? Though their names are not in the Presidential staff list that office (Office of the President’s Brothers) contains loads of staff paid by the government,” he said.

Speaking on Adom FM, Monday, Charles Owusu however called on the Ministry of Information to justify the purpose of the Office for the President’s Brothers.

“I am calling on Murtala Mohammed and his Deputies to tell Ghanaians the purpose of which the Office of the President’s Brothers is serving Ghana,” he opined.