Drug Barons Having A Field Day?…Blame NACOB & National Security!!!

Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Searchlight, Ken Kuranchie has tongue-lashed President John Dramani Mahama and his government over their ineptitude to clamp down on drug barons in the country.

Ken Kuranchie chided the Mahama government, Director of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) Akrasi Sarpong and Gbevlo Lartey, National Security Coordinator for their inability to rid the country of illegal drug issues.

The Monday edition of the Daily Searchlight reported that a huge consignment of drugs which were seized at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and kept under the custody of a Deputy Director of NACOB, Mr. Lamptey Blankson, was missing.

The reason being that the drug barons “who dispatched the drugs through a courier are chasing the courier for five kilos of the drug, officials at NACOB have only been able to declare a weight of 1 kilo 70 grams. All told, the five kilos of the drug would have a street value of about $15,000.00.”

The newspaper also accused the NACOB, National Security and government of having “tapes and credible eyewitness testimony actually linking the drug barons to drug dealing and exportation” but “no arrests have been made since May 13, 2011.”

Speaking on Oman FM, Ken Kuranchie recounted that a man whom the drug barons contacted to dispatch the kilos of cocaine abroad in 2011, in turn informed the National Security which gave him some Security Apparatus and assistance to track the drug barons.

But unfortunately, the drug barons though caught by security cameras were left off the hook while the informer (courier) was rather detained by the National Security for apparently “helping them (National Security) to discover the drugs.”

Now, according to Ken Kuranchie, the informer is living like a “tramp” on the streets of Accra because of threats from the barons who are asking for a return of the drugs.

Ken Kuranchie expressed disappointment in the government, NACOB and National Security for turning the wrath of the drug barons on the informer when what he did was noble, just to ensure that “the drug barons are uncovered.”

He appealed to the authorities to re-visit the case and get to the bottom of it, thereby safeguarding the life of the informer.