Displaced Kumasi traders return to base

Traders at Adehyeman Gardens in Kumasi whose wares and stalls were destroyed by a private developer at dawn on Sunday have returned to the place to restart business.

During a visit to the place yesterday, the traders were seen clearing the debris that had piled up from the demolition exercise.

They had employed the services of artisans, mostly masons and carpenters, to put the place back in shape for them to do business.

The traders were said to have been asked by the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Kumasi, Mr Kojo Bonsu, to go back to the place until the determination of litigation over the ownership of that piece of land. 

Many of the traders claimed to have lost most of their wares to the exercise, in which a bulldozer was used to destroy the shops, stalls and kiosks at dawn on Sunday, allegedly on the orders of a claimant to the land. Ownership

The traders and a private developer, Nana Osei Tutu, are litigating over the piece of land. Nana Tutu filed a suit against the traders in August 2013.

The case, which is yet to be disposed of by the court, is slated for hearing early next month. Victims

To safeguard the rest of their items, the women employed the services of private security men to watch over them on Sunday morning to prevent thieves from having a field day.

One of the affected traders, Grace Boye, who deals in clothing, described the demolition exercise as very heartless.

She said the victims were preparing to go to the police station to lodge a complaint over the exercise, as they were not aware of any notice of eviction.

Another trader, Florence Abeyie,  said she lost almost all her goods.

She said most of them took loans from the bank to trade and would now have to find a way of repaying the loans.

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