‘Customer Romance’ Launched (PHOTOS)

Customers are considered to be the most important asset in business. Others see customers as gods in businesses that need to be treated well, but little do business owners, managers and leaders engage their clients and customers in a romantic atmosphere to transact business.

The book, dubbed “Customer Romance”, which was launched on 14th February 2014 is telling Ghanaian business owners and Corporate Bodies to go beyond the normal tradition of dealing with customers in business and rather treat them in a way lovers do to win the hearts of their partners in a long-lasting relationship.

Speaking to Peacefmonline.com in an interview at the launch, the Author, Mr. Jerry Halm disclosed that he intends to inspire individuals in their organizations to start treating customers in a special way that will elevate Ghana into becoming the next excellent customer service tool the country needs to transform the economy.

Mr. Jerry Halm stressed that his book “Customer Romance” was inspired from observations he made from practical activities in the marketing field, asserting that the book is a staunch supporter of the relationship selling concept as against the transactions selling concept.

He maintained the book advocates that no matter how much a business stands to lose in the short run, when it practices customer romance in the long-run, the relationship creates trust as the most important ingredient in building a successful business.

“For Ghana to become that excellent customer service destination that we are always wishing for, we must start as individuals from their own small corner…..People should be able to do a better job at wherever they find themselves to treat customers and clients and I believe that this will emanate to the entire country if we start treating customers romantically…..Lets start it individually at the micro level and it will later move to the macro level,” he urged.

Deputy Minister Trade and Industry Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, who was Guest of Honor at the function, commended the author (Jerry Halm) for coming up with the book as he (Nii Lamptey) sees Customer Romance book as a necessary tool for Ghanaians to sustain long relationship with their customers. He however urged Ghanaians to read and practice what is in the book as they will do with the Holy Bible.

“I read this book like my second Bible due to the content of the book. The packaging has an international standard and this book will go a long way to help my Ministry due to the practicality of it,” he stated.