Women Urged To Get Involved In Decision Making Process

The Municipal Chief Executive for Suhum Municipal Assembly, Samuel Fleischer-Kwabi, has called on Women in the municipality to make themselves available and get involved actively in the decision making process at the district and assembly’s level in order to enhance Gender equality.

“Suhum Municipality as at now has two women appointees from Government level to represent the Assembly and contribute their quota to the Assembly inasmuch as the participation of these women seems not to be effective and efficient in terms of decision making process at the Assembly,” Mr. Fleischer-Kwabi stated.

He was speaking in an interview with Power FM at Suhum when the crew caught up with him in an interview.

The inability of women in his area to participate in the governance process was a big worry to him.

This, he identified, had affected the development of the municipality, especially the empowerment of women living in the municipality.

Mr. Fleischer-Kwabi mentioned some problems such as low representation of women in the Assemblies as issues confronting Ghanaians in General as Ethno cultural practices which has to do with males dominating the system.

He also cited strong religious beliefs including traditional, Islamic and Christian religions which has often times held that men always be at the helm of affairs.

He encouraged women to take up the challenge and involve themselves in decision making and electoral processes as they strive to promote gender equality in the district and Assembly levels.

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