Tony Aidoo: Chief of Staff is unresponsive to ‘serious’ administrative issues

Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo has criticised the work ethic of the Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani saying he is unresponsive to “serious administrative matters”.

Dr. Tony Aidoo is unhappy that staff of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit – which he says is now redundant – have continued to draw salaries for 14 months now even though they do no work at all.

Speaking Monday on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, the Ambassador-designate to Holland said, several efforts to get the Chief of Staff to reassign the workers have largely been ignored.  

“The staff are there to be redeployed from a unit that has become nonfunctional to other places that are functional. The person responsible in taking this decision is the Chief of Staff. A Chief of Staff who will not respond to communication; he will not respond to letters, text messages [and] he won’t pick up the phone on serious administrative matters like this,” he lamented.

He said the attitude of Mr. Bani is causing a drain on the public purse; “These are resources that are being misused”.

“So money continues to be paid to these staff [who] are psychologically traumatised…they don’t know what is happening, ” added.

Corruption at PWD
He also condemned the lack of coordination in public administration at the presidency, a situation he says facilitates the process for state money to be diverted into private pockets. 

“At the presidency there are some categories of employees who are not giving the presidency value for money engagements. One of these is the Public Works Department (Prestige), I believe it is the most corrupt unit at the presidency,” he stated.

Dr. Aidoo accused the Department of doing a shoddy job when it provided consultancy services for the construction of the Office of the President, Annex.

“Today go there, the tiles are all up, the key locks, everything; all air conditioners do not work…and when you ask for repair works to be done the PWD will deliberately over-invoice the items that are needed,” he claimed.

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