Tension At Nsoatre Over Purported Destoolment Of Chief

The Paramount Chief of Nsoatre Traditional Area in the Brong Ahafo Region, Nana Prof Boachie Amoa-Kromansa II, has appealed to the people of Nsoatre to remain calm to avert any communal clashes in the area in the wake of his purported destoolment.

A section of the kingmakers, spearheaded by Nana Asi Kwasi II, Akwamuhene and Acting President of the traditional area; Nana Baffour Gyamfi Awuah, Ankobeahene and Nana Obeng Effah Kokodrufo, the Krontihene, led others on Friday, February 14, 2014 to perform rituals at the defunct Hinneh Anfranfo Palace, the official seat of Nsoatrehene to signify the supposed destoolment of their paramount chief.

The Ankobeahene, Nana Baffour Gyamfi Awuah, after reading a six-page charge sheet containing litany of allegations against the Omanhene, declared Nana Prof Amoa-Kromansa officially destooled and warned all citizens of the area not to accord him or his agents the due respect.

After the declaration, Okyeame Hinneh Gyekye slaughtered a ram and poured libation to conclude the destoolment process.

Other kingmakers present were Nana Korang Asimpi, Gyaasehene, Nana Amankwaah Ababio, Kyidomhene and Kofi Yeboah, Adontehene.

However, in a telephone interview with DAILY GUIDE, the Paramount Chief described the action of the sub-chiefs as uncustomary and illegal.

According to him, the Ankobeahene and his group dragged him to the Brong Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs on same charges but their case was dismissed.

He said the aggrieved sub-chiefs appealed against the ruling at the National House of Chiefs, which is currently pending.

Nana Prof Amoa-Kromansa appealed to citizens of Nsoatre to remain calm and disregard the action of the aggrieved chiefs so as to maintain the peace of the area and assured them that the law will take its due course to end the protracted dispute to bring lasting peace to Nsoatre.

The destoolment charges leveled against Nana Prof Amoa-Kromansa, which were contained in the petition submitted by two of the kingmakers, Nana Asi Kwasi and Nana Baffour Gyamfi Awuah under LI 307 REG. 2, include an allegation that the Omanhene had shown gross disrespect to the Kingmakers, elders and Nananom.

They alleged that the Omanhene breached the great oath of Nsoatre which he swore during his enstoolment about 12 years ago which enjoined him not to ignore Nsoatre in general and the elders whenever he is called to duty.

They alleged that he has never slept in Nsoatre for the past 12 years and has not performed any ritual after his enstoolment.

The sub-chiefs said the conduct of the Omanhene had imposed untold hardship on the people of Nsoatre because it had led to instability, insecurity and despondency among the citizenry.

“The enstoolment of the respondent was characterized by serious fundamental irregularities. The said irregularities go to the root of his enstoolment and therefore invalidates his enstoolment as the Omanhene,” it stated.