Pastor Chases Out Valentine Day Celebrants

Residents of Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region who planned to go and celebrate Valentine’s day over the weekend were highly disappointed when a man of God chased them out by preaching the word of God to them.

The man of God who worships with the African Faith Church ensured that any individual who was wearing a red attire received his fair share of the preaching which was on fornication and its consequences.

Speaking through a public address system, the man of God started his preaching at a popular spot called ‘Kit Kat’ where some celebrants were having fun and warned them of the consequences of fornication which is the fire of hell.

At the spot, even though the music that was emanating from the giant speakers was loud and one could rarely hear what the pastor was saying, he kept on preaching especially to those who were standing on the fingers of the bar.

The preaching compelled some of the celebrants who felt uncomfortable to leave the premises.

As the sound from the giant speakers kept on distracting him, the pastor left the premises of the spot and moved to the junction that led to the spot. At the junction, he was able to speak to anyone who decided to go to the spot and many of the celebrants had to look for a new way to avoid him.

Others too, especially those between the ages of 11-16 were given a hot chase by the man of God to go back home. Thinking he was still not achieving the desired results, the Man of God decided to across the street of the Nkawkaw township preaching to anyone who could listen that they better go home and sleep as their condoms could not help them escape acquiring the HIV and AIDS whiles the fire of hell also awaits them after they are dead.

The man of God could however achieve very little as the celebrants devised ways of dodging him while others just made fun of him.