NPP Needs Fred Oware As Chairman For Victory 2016 – Youth Group Woos Delegates

‘NPP Youth for Victory 2016’, a group within the party in the Ashanti Region, has noted that for the party to realize its dream of returning to the corridors of power in 2016, it must show seriousness in searching for the right caliber of persons with special brainpower-to politically strategize to withstand the many ‘political frustrations that the NDC is well noted for during elections”.

According to them, the party again required a person who has over the years shown the readiness to lead, is well composed, competent, hardworking and experienced; a kind of person with a good foresight, tact and is courageous enough and can easily match the NDC boot-for-boot.

And Fred Oware is the man the group believes possesses all these qualities that he party needs at this moment, to show direction and purpose in winning election 2016.

According to the group, particularly in a case where the ruling NDC is not ready to surrender power in 2016, even where it is obvious that they cannot rule the nation, the party will need bold and politically mature minds ‘such as Fred Oware to come and tame the NDC and lead the NPP to victory’.

According to ‘NPP Youth for Victory 2016’, with the NDC not ready to play fair in winning elections in the country, the NPP should elect someone like Oware Fred whom they said has the antidote to the NDC’s rigging machinery.

“….And we can find all these qualities in Mr. Fred Oware; he has over the years shown diplomacy, focus and above all positive direction. He is a respected politician who has calved a positive political image for himself’, the NPP Youth stated in a statement signed by Imoro Kabore, Raph Patrick Sarfo and Nana Boakye.

Again, with the party finances not in good standing, as was claimed by the current party chairman, NPP now needs someone who will be able to effectively mobilize resources to execute campaign programmes, says the group.

According to the group, Fred Oware is such a great asset to the party that it will be suicidal for the party to reject him, adding that it is not surprising that his ability to draw all manner of people close to himself and also to bring people together had earned him the accolades ‘People Chairman and Unifier’.

“His humility and wisdom is unmatched. His competence and experience is certainly remarkable. His exemplary leadership at Bui Dam where he managed the over 600 million dollar project without blemish is enviable, Fred Oware is also known by party faithful for one thing; he is very accessible and down to earth”, the NPP youth emphasized.

They called on the delegates to give the party the chance to return to power to take Ghanaians from the economic doldrums that they are enduring under President Mahama, adding that the only person capable of leading the party to power as chairman is Fred Oware.

They congratulated delegates for the manner with which they elected executives across the ten regions of the country without any hitches.
To them such is a clear indication that the NPP is a united force and is ready to wrestle power from the NDC “in their quest to bring back hope to the Ghanaian suffering from the worsening conditions of living imposed on them by the John Mahama led NDC government.”