NDP Prepares For Election 2016; Josiah Urges Members To Remain Resolute

The National Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Dr Josiah Ayeh, has said the party is not perturbed by attempts by some people working tirelessly to ensure that it is excluded from the nation’s politics.

He has, therefore, called on all supporters of the party not to give up hope but remain resolute and work hard to strengthen the grass roots and support base of the party as it prepares to contest and win the 2016 general election.

Dr Ayeh, who was speaking at the Ashanti Regional Conference of the party in Kumasi at the weekend, described as unfortunate the disqualification of the party from contesting the 2012 general election, which they were sure of winning.

The special regional conference brought together regional and constituency executives of the party, as well as other supporters from all over the region.

The conference was used to inaugurate a 12-member provisional regional executive team who would embark on a membership drive for the party in the region.

Dr Ayeh advised those behind the attempt to bring down the party not to waste their resources and energy since nothing could stop it from moving into action with the view to winning the 2016 general election.

“I want all Ghanaians to know that the 2012 general election was very fraudulent and the New Patriotic Party was the greatest victim so let’s all be vigilant so that such an act does not recur to the nation,” he stated.

On the issue of corruption in the country, Dr Ayeh attributed the uncompleted state of most road constructions in the country to the government’s intention of singing new contracts for those roads so that it would create a new avenue for their share of the contract sum, which, in the long run, not only increases the cost of the project, but brings about corruption.

He added that the current government was full of people who had the expertise in indulging in corruption, and that the nation lacked good managers who could steer the affairs of the nation to bring development and peace.

He challenged all Ghanaians to be very vigilant during the next general election to ensure that the massive fraudulent behaviour which took place in the last election did not recur. He explained that that way the credibility of the nation’s elections would be restored.

The Leader of the party, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, challenged all religious leaders, chiefs and all other stakeholders in the country to rise up and speak against the current state of the nation, which is very deplorable.

“Democracy strives with the views of all; there is the need for all to contribute their views to prevent the nation from being driven into a ditch, since the current state of affairs is very serious,” she said.

Nana Konadu lamented the current situation whereby children had become disrespectful and truant and attributed it to the present economic hardships in the country, which compels parents to leave their children at home early in search of money.

She mentioned that the NDP was the only party in the country that stood the chance of shaping the future of the nation and called on all Ghanaians to support the party to change the state of affairs of the nation.

She commended the Ashanti regional branch of the party for their dedication and commitment to the party.

A member of the Communication Team of the party, Mr Owusu Bempah, said the NDP was the only party in the country with integrity and called for massive support to enable the party to win the next election to bring the much needed development for the nation.

He said since NDP was the only party that could wrest power from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), its leadership was doing everything possible to frustrate it from moving into full gear since it could break their front.

A National Executive Committee (NEC) member in charge of operations, Alhaji Mohammed Frimpong, in his address, challenged the government to desist from paying communicators to defend it on radio at all times and work towards improving the lives of the people in the country.

He said the government had lost control of the economy and had engaged many of its cronies just to give them the opportunity to defend it to earn a living.