Mr Fred Oware: The Peoples Chairman And The Unifier (Statement)

From December 2012, the New Patriotic Party has been electing a new crop of executives to steer the affairs of the party. The process has been completed at the polling station, constituency and regional level.

“ NPP YOUTH FOR VICTORY 2016” congratulates members for the spirit of fairness and peace that characterised the process. The manner with which party delegates elected executives across the ten regions of the country was a clear indication that the NPP is now a united force and is therefore ready to wrestle power from the NDC in our quest to bring back hope to the Ghanaian suffering from the worsening conditions of living imposed on them by the John Mahama led NDC government.

On April 12 2014, party delegates would again elect national executives to steer the affairs of the party at the National level.

Delegates should be mindful that victory 2016 would certainly not be achieved effortlessly and shall require a National chairman who is:
1. A unifier, accessible and approachable person who can bring all party members together for victory 2016
2. Humble, respectful, listening and affable person.
3. Competent, hardworking and experienced.
4. Able to effectively mobilised resources to execute campaign programmes.
5. Strategic thinker who will evaluate the dynamics at each constituency and evolve appropriate strategies for obtaining the constituencies’ target.

NPP YOUTH FOR VICTORY 2016 has unequivocally identified one such individual who is an embodiment of all these qualities. That person is the current National 1st vice chairman, Fred Oware.

Fred Oware is such a great asset to the party and delegates are humbly entreated to rally behind this gentleman. His ability to draw all manner of people close to himself and also to bring people together has earned him the accolades ‘PEOPLE CHAIRMAN’ and the UNIFIER.

His humility and wisdom is unmatched. His competence and experience is certainly remarkable. His exemplary leadership at Bui Dam where he managed the over 600 million dollar project without blemish is enviable
Fred Oware is also known by party faithfuls for one thing, he is very accessible and down to earth.

His work experience as a banker and entrepreneur for more than 30years puts him a position where he has been able to effectively mobilise resources to execute campaign programmes when he was the National 1st Vice Chairman and as a National Chairman, it is certain that he shall do more.

He is certainly the National Chairman the New Patriotic Party needs as we prepare for victory 2016. THANK YOU ALL


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