Josiah Aryeh Again: Prez Mahama Is The Only Leader Who Leads A Nation From The Back

If anyone assumed after his scathing verbal attack on the Mahama-led NDC adminstration and claims that the current government was full of “thieves” who had expertise in indulging in corruption, Dr Nii Armah Josiah Aryeh will take a sabbatical leave and allow the debate to go on; well think again.

The Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP), addressing supporters at the party’s regional delegate’s congress held in Kumasi, claimed the nation lacked good managers who could steer the affairs of the nation to bring about development and peace.

And despite the storm of controversy his remarks have generated and attacks on his integrity by leading members from the ruling party, it appears he (Josiah Aryeh) is battle-ready and has even properly rehearsed and built punch lines to keep President Mahama and his ministers on their toes.

Hours after that address, the NDP Chairman told Okay FM in an interview that President Mahama was more or less a confused armchair leader with no hunger to make the nation better. He accused the president of being a leader who is leading the nation from the back instead of from the front.

To drive home his point, Dr. Aryeh pointed out by way of illustration that “a dog wags its tail, it is not the tail that wags the dog…there are various types of leadership. Some leaders would be elected and they would only lift up their hands and have parties; but others would roll up their sleeves and do a good work”.

According to him, President Mahama only takes delight in doing no work and this has contributed to the mountainous economic woes that have bedeviled the country. He urged President Mahama to lead the battle from the front and change his leadership approach.