I tried to stop my daughter – murdered soldier’s mother speaks

Mother of Antoinette, the soldier who was murdered in cold blood by her husband, has indicated that the daughter might have been alive if she had heeded her counsel.

Augustina Hodor told Joy News she made frantic attempts, albeit unsuccessful, to persuade the soldier from going into the husband’s end to pick her belongings on Wednesday at the Michel camp.

Corporal Fred Nasrame of the Armed Forces Pay Office allegedly shot his wife /news/2014/February-15th/suicidal-soldier-to-be-tried-in-death-likely-to-lose-entitlements.php , Corporal Antoinette Agbagba of the Airforce after she decided to call off the marriage after she was convinced of the husband’s infidelity.

Myjoyonline gathered that Corporal Nasrame allegedly used a locally manufactured pistol and shot the wife on the chest at a close range killing her instantly.  He then pointed the gun to his neck and shot himself.

The almost decomposed bodies were discovered on Friday.

Narrating moments she last saw the daughter, Madam Hodor said Fred had come to her residence at Kasasunnka N0. 1 to pick his clothes but Antoinette resisted and insisted on going to Michel Camp to pick her things from the man first.

There were some hot verbal exchanges between them, still shocked, Madam Hodor recalled.

 When Antoinette resolved to go to the camp, she was not enthused about the idea, and therefore advised her to wait and do that at a later date, she told Joy News’ Beatrice Adu on Monday.

According her, she had tried to impress on her daughter to temporarily abandon the trip so that she would personally accompany her to the camp at the opportune time.

Persisting, he related, Antoinette flagged a taxi and hopped into it. The husband quickly jumped into the same cab and both left the scene without knowing the misfortune awaiting the daughter.

It is believed the two might have fuelled their argument while in the room. Unfortunately tempers flew beyond limit leading to the homicide.

Meanwhile, the military is cautious divulging any information concerning the murdered until it is able to establish who actually murdered who or better still, what might have caused their death.

Public Relations Officer Col. Mbawine Atintande has therefore cautioned against speculation.

“It’s not been established whether there was any murder, and it has not been established who exactly did what. And so that is the process that we are in now.”

Meanwhile, sympathizers keep pouring into Madam Hodor’s residence to console her.

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