Horror! Pregnant Woman Clubbed To Death In Kumasi

A Twenty-Eight year old pregnant woman, Sarah Ofori, has been killed under bizarre circumstances at the Sokoban Wood Village, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

The deceased, a chop bar attendant and a native of Afife in the Volta Region, is said to have been clubbed to death by an unknown assailant who was later lynched by a mob who caught him red-handed. The identity of the alleged assailant is however unknown as police say he was a stranger in the community.

According to eyewitnesses, the attacker attempted to rape the pregnant woman and ended up inflicting cutlass wounds on her as she struggled with him. Residents, who came out of their homes after hearing the screams of the pregnant woman, accosted the man who was caught in his tracks with blood stains all over his clothes, hands and feet.

An eyewitness, who gave his account of the incident, told Ultimate Radio’s Nana Oye Diabene that, “I heard the woman wailing at about three o’clock am at dawn and so I rushed out to see the woman lying in a pool of blood with a young man standing close to her. He refused to speak when we questioned him but upon dragging him into the light, we saw blood stains all over him. We decided to tie him with a rope and call police to come for him but he took to his heels and dived into a stream close by”.

He added that, following a vivid description of the assailant, some residents readily identified and traced him to a house in the area where he was confronted.

“When we got there, he was washing the blood stains off his legs and hands. He took to his heels immediately he saw us but the incensed mob pursued him and grabbed him”.

The eyewitness, who will not disclose his identify, could however not admit that the multitude of residents beat the suspect to death. He only said they came back later to find the alleged assailant’s lifeless body in the open.