Health Care Providers Must Exhibit Professionalism

The Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa (AOB) District Chief Executive (DCE) Mr. Samuel Adom Botchway has called on health care providers to be professional in their work.

He said the sick need their care, compassion, empathy and above all their love to survive.

Mr. Botchway made the call in a speech delivered on his behalf by the Deputy Coordination Director of AOB Assembly at a forum, as part of celebrations marking the 22nd World Sick Day by Management and staff of Our Lady of Grace Hospital at Breman Asikuma.

He said health is the pivot upon which a man’s whole personality and well-being depends and that, a healthy person is an asset to himself, his family and the society as a whole.

According to the DCE unhealthy person saps the enthusiasm for pursuit, saying that unwholesome feeling and sensations retard the peace of functional activity, economic development and spiritual upliftment.

Mr. Botchway said “It is the sick and the weak that needs us most and as people, let us always extend a helping hand to the sick and weak as well as the aged for that matters most.”

He said the doors of the Assembly are always open and would continue its quest to support health providers in the district to give off their best to the sick.

A message from the Pope, read by Reverend Father Oteng-Dumfeh of the Breman Asikuma Catholic Church, drew the attention to the fact that when people draw nearer with tender love to others in need of care they bring hope and smiles to the contradictions of the world.

The Pope therefore entreated all and sundry ‘to love one and other as well as to let the suffering and pain of our fellow human beings be our concern for with this pleases the Lord.’

Among groups and personalities at the forum were Representatives from the Christian Council, GPRTU of the Trade Union Congress, Ahmediya Mission, Official from the National Health Insurance Scheme and head of Departments and Institutions in the area