Give Peace A Chance In NPP

We have observed with eagle eyes the simmering tension between the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on one hand and the supporters and campaign team of certain national executive hopefuls on another hand which has largely stemmed from media reports that certain aspirants have been disqualified by the vetting committee of the party.

Indeed, we see this kind of political tension as normal during a season when all political hopefuls are competing to serve in the great Elephant family. And hence see nothing wrong with people agitating for their candidates to be considered by delegates of the party.

However, we believe this should not lead to acrimony between the two afore-mentioned groups. We believe the time is apt for the leadership of the party to settle down and arrive at an amicable solution that would suit each camp.

With the benefit of hindsight, we are of the opinion that the two camps take pragmatic steps to solve the problems so as to stop it from degenerating at the public view. The unnecessary media war between the groups must also cease since we believe that the media should not the platform for settling our internal party score.

We ought to again bear in mind that everything said here now or after would be used against us. So let’s watch our words. The NPP is for all.

Also, we call on all aspirants to engage in a campaign of decorum and mutual respect for one another bearing in mind, our opponents today are the same persons we would work with after the short internal party campaign. Let’s reserve our arsenals for the NDC which is our main stumbling block between the NPP and victory in 2016.

All disqualified aspirants are to be calm and petition the leadership of the party where necessary, they should also lay their great ideas and innovations at the disposal of the party. They are however welcomed to join Team Gifty to bring the change the party need and also win floating votes for the party. The leadership of the party should as well communicate information to candidates formally and desist from using the media to channel information.

Team Gifty – Boys Abr3, Girls Betumi, Think Different

Long live Ghana

Long live NPP

Long live Gifty Oware Aboagye


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