Ghana Facing God’s Anger…Cedi Fall Is Major Casualty

General overseer and Founder of Jesus Anointing Power Ministries, at Suhum, Prophet Joshua Kakyire Nkrumah, has attributed the downfall of the Ghanaian economy to the growing anger of God upon Ghana as due to the corrupt style of the present NDC government.

He has therefore cautioned Ghanaian politicians and leaders to change their styles and behaviours in all aspects of leadership and governorship, so that Ghana can find God’s grace again to recover the cedi.

“Most of the leaders are corrupt, and their style of leadership system does not go in favour with loyalty, faithfulness and truthfulness to the people of Ghana–in fact, Ghanaians will still suffer massively if our don’t change. God revealed to me in dream, that the fall of the Cedi, is as a result of the reckless corrupt leadership Ghana currently finds itself” the Prophet of God stated.

The Prophet averred that most of the leaders and civil servants have chewed what was not meant to be chewed which has provoked God to descend on Ghana with the growing downfall of the Ghana Cedi.

He was preaching in a sermon last Sunday.

According to him, 95% of Ghanaians are suffering while the leaders are misusing the taxpayer’s money to acquire wealth and proprieties for their family, turning their back on those who put them at their positions today.

The angry pastor said, the cries of the poor Ghanaian populace have moved God to curse the Cedi, which has led to its fall.

“We shall continue to pray but the prayer alone cannot recover the Cedi from its sick bed unless the leaders turn to the needy and the poor ones they stole their monies from, because the cries of the poor have provoke God to curse the Cedi.

…My brother, no amount of prayers can build Ghana, because Ghana have all the natural resources but, due to some people selfishness and hypocrites we are now suffering. our leaders must show love, kindness, mercy, respect, and fear God, so that the favor of God will ruin in Ghana, else we will suffers coming years,’’ the prophet of God pointed out.

On the assertions that it is dwarfs working against the Cedi, he admitted that dwarfs do exist but doubted whether dwarfs have any influence or impact on the Ghana Cedi, as Anita Desosoo said.

He said politicians have stolen huge amounts of monies that can be used to repair roads, build schools, among others, hence its effect of is the untold hardship.

“In Ghana, today politics has turned into rituals, whenever, a political party comes to power, the officials within get the changes to steals money and used it anyhow, then the poor, orphans, among others who needs shelter, water, roads, clinics, among others are suffering’’ said Prophet Nkrumah.

He further warned that if the corrupt leaders didn’t change to care for the poor God will curse the country, to be among the poorest countries in the world.

Prophet Nkrumah lamented that when pastors give prophesies sometimes, then they are tagged as NDC and NPP, which is very bad, but, when there is a crisis, then men of God are been called upon to offer prayers.

“Why should we be described by political colours if they wouldn’t work with our prophetic words,” Prophet Nkrumah questioned.

The man of God, who could not hide his frustrations, said the President must turn his back to the grassroot citizens to ask for forgiveness from the poor in order to have God’s favour to curtail the financial mess created.

“I also want to tell President Mahama to ensure that all those with corrupt charges within his government get prosecuted or continue to suffer God’s anger,” the Prophet said.

Prophet Joshua Nkrumah further cautioned his fellow men of God to preach the truth and Salvation to Ghanaians, in order to gain the favour of God for the country.

He observed that God has blessed the country, with all resources, but the wicked heartless leaders have caused the people in the country to suffer.

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