Chief Of Staff Is Not Being Responsible – Tony Aidoo

Ambassador-designate, Dr. Tony Aidoo has accused the Chief of Staff of shirking some of his responsibilities.

According to Tony Aidoo, Mr. Prosper Bani also lacks good communication skills.

Citing an example of Mr. Bani’s neglect of duty, Dr. Aidoo told Joy FM that redundant staff at the Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the presidency are yet to be re-deployed by the chief of staff after 14 months.

“I was compelled to come out publicly to talk about the situation where for 14 months, the staff in my office have not been working and yet they continue to be paid even though am not paid.

“The staff are there to be redeployed from a unit that has become non-functional to other places that are functional and the person responsible is for taking the ultimate decision is the Chief of Staff”.

Dr Aidoo added that he has personally made several requests to the Chief of Staff to that effect but to no avail.

He added that consequently, the redundant staff are being paid for doing nothing.

“A chief of Staff who would not respond to communication, he would not respond to letters, text messages and would not pick up the phone on serious administration issues like this and the staff psychologically are traumatized” Dr. Aidoo said.