Cash-Strapped Alhaji Grunsah Promises Cash For Faisal Players

Football Administrator and owner of Kumasi-based King Faisal, Alhaji Karim Grunzah says he is yet to pay his playing body all the outstanding monies owed them.

According to Alhaji Grunzah, he is about to open an account at the First Capital Plus Bank so he can pay his players immediately the money is given to the clubs.

“I have not paid the players but I will pay them soon,” he revealed.

“As I speak now, I am going to talk to the bank for the process to be done.”

Meanwhile, Grunzah has called on the government to support club owners in the country.

He made this remark on the back of government’s promise to send football supporters to Brazil to cheer the senior national team on in June.

“If government will send supporters to Brazil, then government should support club owners. I am calling on the government to help the club owners.

“We don’t have big money to handle this alone and I pray that, government will have ear for our calls,” he stated.