Bridgewater Project Remembers Prez Hilla Liman

The Project Director of the Ambassador Pamela E. Bridgewater Project, Mr. Yahaya Alhassan, has advocated for a national remembrance service to continually honour the memory of the president of the third republic, His Excellency Dr. Hilla Liman.

He said although the former president has a short reign he set in place several programs to move Ghana forward after the country had just emerged from a turbulent political period.

President Liman was who served two years and three months of his four year term passed away in January 1998 after a short illness in Accra.

The only honour done to him is the naming of a hall of residence by authorities of the University of Ghana, known as the Dr. Hilla Liman Hall. A senior high school in Gollo, the hometown of the late president also bears his name.

Mr. Alhassan who made his call during the 16thanniversary of the death of President Liman said the recognition at the national level has to be accorded the former president for his role in the democratic dispensation.

“The expression that heroes are not recognized in their own country is palpably seen in the way and manner Ghana has treated late President Dr. Hilla Liman, and we must be ashamed as a people” he said.

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