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6 Things You Should Never Text Your Boyfriend!


6 “It’s over!”

Seriously? Don’t be one of those girls who decide to break up with a guy via text message. Have some courtesy and class to do it in person or at the very least over the phone. This kind of news deserves to be told in a more appropriate manner. Plus, breaking up with someone over text can come off as, for lack of a better word, bitchy. And at the very least, if you do decide to break up with someone via text, DO NOT make it a two worded text saying “it’s over.”

5 “Why Aren’t You Replying?!”

This comes off as SUPER clingy and somewhat creepy. Not everyone has the time to talk to you every second of their day. Be considerate and understand that maybe he’s just busy or isn’t in the mood to text or talk. Nothing is more annoying that someone nagging about a simple absence of a text. It’s also a huge turn off, considering the fact that you seem kind of desperate. Just keep the clingy texting talk to a minimum, and give him some space and allow yourself some space.

4 Drunk Texts

If you’ve been under the influence, STAY AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE. If you can’t text properly, don’t even attempt. This will make you seem a little trashy for revealing your little party side and you never know what you’re going to say. You could spill out some words you will most likely regret the next day. Do yourself a favor and do not let yourself look like an idiot. Have fun for the night and leave the texting to the designated driver

3 Screen Shots of the Past

Sure, it can be cute and charming at times, but when you’re arguing or with a text war with you guy, it is NOT okay to bring something back from the past. Screen shots of texts from months ago or weeks ago are not okay to keep a grudge on. If you’ve already had confrontation about this stuff with your guy, then don’t bring it up again as a way to leverage your new argument. Argue strictly what is in the present, not what’s based on the past. Opening up new wounds as a way of attack shouldn’t be your method. Be more constructive and try to fix the ACTUAL problem, not the ones you’re trying to manipulate.

2 “Is There Another Girl?”

This is another way to look clingy and somewhat crazy. Avoid it at all cost, don’t try and pull a pity party for yourself especially if you’re just looking to stir trouble. Plus if you do have insecurities and concerns about there being another girl, do it in person. Confronting them in person doesn’t allow them the time to come up with something clever to say or to come up with a solid lie. Doing this in person allows him to react enough for you to really know what’s going on. But if you’re just trying to build your insecurities with this method, trust me, it’ll come off as scary and clingy. DO NOT DO IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

1 Sarcastic Comments

If you aren’t comfortable enough with a guy yet, try and avoid sarcastic comments that can come off as rude. I’m not saying don’t do it at all cost, but if a text seems a bit iffy, don’t do it. I totally get it if you’re just trying to throw in parts and pieces of your personality into your texts, but it might not be received as a simple humorous gesture. It might make you come off snobby and rude. Plus this can throw around some mixed signals, so until you’re comfortable texting in a sarcastic, then try to be more straight forward.

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