How Kwesi Appiah Chose His World Cup Team

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah has revealed how he chose “95% of the World Cup team,” three months to the time.

The country has been abuzz in the past few days after the coach revealed that the team that will represent them is almost done and dusted.

Unsurprisingly, the Ghana coach said the World Cup qualifying games and other friendly matches were the periods in which he made the selection.

But there may be a problem with this.

There is the worry that this stance may prevent other good Ghanaian players around the world who have not been regular for the team from playing at their best.

“I think I’m satisfied with the work during the monitoring and assessment and the chance given me to make my choice. There is still some time to re-evaluate those who did not do so well when they had the opportunity and that will be done during my preparations,” Appiah said on Tuesday.

The coach, 53, is currently on a tour of the Middle East and Europe as part of his continuous assessment, and he makes no bones about his level of preparedness.

“It will be pretentious to say that I don’t know who is likely to make it to the World Cup, because our group contenders and others going to the World Cup have all begun preparing. We have an idea of the team to take to the World Cup, but we will have to wait and see when the European and other leagues end.”

With just five percent of the team left to choose, Appiah told the Graphic Sports that they will be peripheral players.