Finance Minister Says Measures To Stabilise Cedi Are Not Targeted At Businesses

The Minister of Finance, Seth Terkper says measures put in place to stabilize the cedi are not to impose hardship on businesses but to help manage the distortion in the economy which is causing the depreciation of the cedi.

The Minister of Finance was speaking at a media briefing in Accra to explain measures government is putting in place to save the cedi.

Mr Terkper further reiterated government’s commitment to work with other departments and agencies to stabilise the economy.

He also called on government agencies not to transact business in dollars to help stem the dollarisation of the economy.

Mr Terkper debunked the notion that government is freezing wages across board.

He said the SSSS is taking a toll on government expenditure, at the expense of other critical sectors.

He said consultations are ongoing with the TUC and other stakeholders to ensure a stable and robust economy.