Robber Burnt To Death [PHOTO]

A ROBBER WAS cruelly set on fire by his captors at Sobolo, a suburb of Kumasi in the early hours of Friday.

The deceased, a male (name not known), died instantly after his entire body was gutted by the inferno.

He was said to be part of a group of three robbers that stormed the area on a robbery spree.

The robbers, reportedly, successfully managed to rob inhabitants of the household in the area of their valuables and were running with their booty when they clashed with the neighbourhood watchdog committee of the area.

Instantly, a fierce gun battle ensued between the robbers and the neighbourhood watchdog committee, attracting more people to the scene.

During the gun battle, two of the robbers managed to flee the scene, leaving the deceased robber behind, sources said.

He was eventually apprehended by the mob that beat him mercilessly in the open around 5:30am.

The robber, reportedly, started threatening to retaliate in a brutal fashion if he was eventually freed.

This threat, reportedly, angered the mob who then placed tyres on him and set him on fire.

The Fire Service personnel were called by onlookers to douse the flames but it was too late as the robber had already given up the ghost.

The charred body was later taken away by the police, who were informed about the instant justice.