Lagos isn’t just a beautiful queen, sexy and romantic as well! He’s a king and his palaces are handsome oh, built with gold and diamonds sourced and refined from the finest mines. He boasts of affluence, opulence! She invites and attracts the most beautiful people so she’s very beautiful. He’s very intelligent; remember birds of a feather flock together so intelligent people mill around him. Averagely intelligent people willing to learn from him become Socrates overnight!

A Beauty Queen of class who attracts tourists all over the world who come to worship her radiance and magnificence and for sight-seeing her sublime beauty. He’s the Carlos Slim Helus of this world because the super-rich class rest in her nest. He’s the economic powerhouse of Nigeria because he accommodates the highest number of service and manufacturing industries.

I see Chinonye from Anambra, Usman from Sokoto, Yetunde from Osun, Ejiro from Delta, Kofi from Ghana, Mzwamadoda from South Africa mingling yet hustling and bustling! Because it’s a land of the future for artisans, a promise for dropouts, a vista for graduates, a license to stardom for artistes, a meal ticket for praise traders, a ray of light for the physically challenged and an opportunity for leaders. Friend to the friendless, home to the homeless, hope to the hopeless and face to the faceless!

Lagos stands out and stands tall and when she engages the runway, models scampers away for the angel cum model had arrived. Lagos is hot, spicy and sensational! People from all walks of life hold diverse opinions about it from conventional to bizarre, weird to whimsical. The sex therapists, the warlords, music conductors, bus conductors, dictators, actors, doctors, pilots, engineers, psychologists, linguists, social workers, teachers, farmers, preachers all have different mental pictures of Lagos.

Locations also matter in the type of opinion people form and hold about Lagos. Opinions and perceptions of people in the country and towns are however documented here.


If you’re in other states in Nigeria most especially in towns and in the country you hear various stories about Lagos. Some true, some mythical and others embellishment. Nonetheless, city dwellers would easily separate facts from fictions, wheat from chaff the way Prof. Ben Carson successfully separated the Binder twins in 1987 and gave them freedom, independence. The separation of the Binder twins was the first successful surgery to separate conjoined twins popular called Siamese twins.

“Lagosians don’t date for more than three months because they don’t have the time to expend on frivolities.”

“Nightlife in Lagos is so large that the tourism sector could afford to employ all Nigerians.”

“Lagosians enter their homes at 12am, sleep at 1am, wake at 3am and by 4am they’re back in traffic.”

“Lagosians spend the whole day in traffic.”
“No vacant apartments or houses in Lagos so you squat, share or manage apartment with someone if you’re a JJC.”

“No more lands to build houses in Lagos except on the waters. Ori osa lawon ara Eko n gbe.” Meaning Lagosians live on the lagoon.

“No case of unemployment in Lagos. There’re enough jobs to go round.”

“You’ve to put your hands in your pockets to secure your purse, clutch your bag tightly and look everywhere with suspicion to avoid losing your money or bags to thieves or pickpockets.”

“The armed-robbers in Lagos went to college of crime.”

“Every street, every office, every home is crowded in Lagos.”

“If you’re not smart in Lagos, they would outsmart you. So Lagosians are finding it difficult to outsmart themselves so they prey on JJCs

“You can’t sleep well in Lagos because everywhere is noisy.”

Lagos spins and generates so much controversies. Many say they can’t live anywhere else in Nigeria except Lagos; many also say that they can live anywhere in Nigeria save Lagos because of stress, how ironic! But is there a clime in this world where there’s no stress? Learn to respond or empathise with stress or crisis don’t react or sympathise with your challenges.

University of Lagos (UNILAG) is a ‘happening’ campus in Nigeria, we all know that. Choice neighbourhoods in Lagos are amongst the most fabulous in Nigeria. High-rise, skyscrapers in Lagos are amongst the tallest and most gorgeous.

The bulk of artistes – musicians, actors, comedians, sports personalities and other celebrities and fashionistas in Nigeria are residents of the city, it has an unrivalled harem of past beauty queens. It’s endowed with lovely, splendid beaches, exotic restaurants, classic hotels, breathtaking landscapes, mind-blowing cinemas, highbrow spic-and-span neighbourhoods name it. Lagos is not only the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, fashion capital as well.

Is Lagos not Romantic?
Celebrating next year’s Valentine’s Day in LAGOS THE ROMANTIC CITY, is a romantic idea, believe me!

Don’t let your heart rule over your head so embrace caution and precautions while you celebrate Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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