Nearly 700 Presidential Staffers At Flagstaff House??? This Is Disgraceful!!!

Deputy Communications Director of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Ernest Owusu Bempah has expressed disgust at the number of staffers working at the Presidency.

Owusu Bempah found it ridiculous that President John Mahama would appoint such numbers and use State money to remunerate them.

According to him, the staffers have been utterly inept in their duties and so, believed it’s a “waste” for such number of people to strut their stuff the Flagstaff House.

Over 700 Presidential staffers have been recorded to be working at the Flagstaff House.

The list included Ministers of State at the Presidency, Senior Presidential advisers, Presidential aides, Staff from the Ghana Health Service, Controller and Accountant General’s Department, Gardeners, Night watchmen, Household staff among others.

In fact, it is reported to be a tall list at the Presidency.

The numbers seem to have inflamed the passion of the NDP Communicator who expressed emphatically that it is a complete “disgrace” to the government machinery.

He disclosed that “even NGOs automatically metamorphosize (metamorphose) into Presidential Staffers, only under this regime” and further indicated that he’s privy to information that some staffers are “fourteen year old who are people’s children and their names are included in the list…It tells that they are all happy with their mediocre performance. That’s a sign of bad leadership.”

According to Owusu Bempah, it is very shocking that Ghana, under the leadership of President John Mahama, has such humongous number of people at the Presidency when “a whole United States of America, the whole United States of America, with almost about 52 or something States, their Presidential Staffers including Staff who work at the Presidency are not up to even 50…Then, how much more Ghana where poor governance has characterized the nation?”