NDC Disagrees With President Mahama On So Many Of His Decisions

It is often said that “If a frog comes out of the water and tells you that the crocodile is dead, do not doubt it.” Therefore, no matter how outlandish the tale of the “frog”, one is not expected to be a doubting Thomas, right? Well, it could also depend on how close the “frog” is to the “crocodile”, some might argue.

Be that as it may, President John Dramani Mahama’s style of governance appears confusing to many Ghanaians, especially the opposition parties (as they always rant on), but the least one would expect is to hear some members from his own party raising eyebrows or kicking against some of the president’s decisions.

This is so because it is feared such open dissent can affect the fortunes of the party in 2016.

On Wednesday, President Mahama stated that recent measures outlined to check the decline of the cedi may be painful but they are necessary to ensure the stability of the economy.

“These are difficult decisions to take, but they are meant to protect the integrity of the economy and show good results down the line,” the President said at a meeting with journalists in Accra.

However, a member of the Government’s Communications machinery, Gordon Ako Gunn has revealed that many of the decisions by President Mahama have not been greeted with the expected warmth by some NDC stalwarts. According to him, though the president, in his wisdom, might think some of his decisions have long term benefits for the country, the NDC fear the opposition parties will make political capital out of it.

Gordon Ako Gunn who is not pleased with the style of politics in the country where leaders play the ball to suit the majority of the voters averred on Okay Fm that it will take a leader like President Mahama to defile all odds to do the right thing in the country irrespective of what happens in 2016 elections.

“Our politics is structured in a way to please the voters and this has become difficult to implement certain policies that will help the entire nation…..as at now the NDC and Mahama government disagree on so many issues going on in the country…I am perceiving everything as someone who sees 2016 as a must-win for the NDC. But the President, looking at it from a nationalistic point of view and not from the position and interest of his party, has implemented those policies. Some of us in NDC don’t agree with him but he will push that agenda because it will help the country in the long term,” he highlighted.