Mpiani Should Have Known Better-Kofi Adams

The last person who should have complained about this is Mr. Kojo Mpiani…the numbers at the presidency grew under him…if we are talking about numbers, it has even been reduced. He should not be the one talking about this claims spokesperson of former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Kofi Adams was defending President John Dramani Mahama’s list of Presidential staffers submitted to Parliament a few days ago.

Speaking to the list which has raised controversy, former Chief of Staff under the Kufuor administration Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani said the figure was too high and described it as “job for the boys”.

He claimed the state spends so much money to pay the salaries and wages of people in public service, yet they complain of low wages.

Contributing to panel discussions on Friday’s edition of ‘Kokrokoo’, Kofi Adams said the discussions would have been more objective “if it was an ordinary person who was complaining about the figures”.

“I wouldn’t have had any problem if an ordinary Ghanaian was complaining but a former chief of staff who has presided over a larger number than ours to be seen to be making such comments… someone who should know better…numbers at the presidency grew under Mr Kojo Mpiani. Even if we are working with numbers, the current number we are having has reduced” Kofi asserted.

He added that Mr. Mpiani instead of criticizing the current administration “should have been able to explain to us why the number is large and why he was not able to reduce it in his era”.

He additionally suggested that “for Kojo to do what he has done; people will ask if our politicians are genuine or they criticize for criticizing sake…he has badly exposed himself especially when he presided over a number bigger than this.

Meanwhile, Kofi Adams advised government to find ways of reducing the numbers; according to him, ‘we must see where we can trim’.