Mad Rush For Emergency Contraceptives

Information gathered by Daily Guide indicates that there is a boom in the sale of emergency contraceptives in the New Juaben Municipality.

Emergency contraceptives come mostly as oral pills taken by women before unprotected sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

Emergency contraceptives do not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections.

However, interviews conducted around a few pharmaceutical companies showed the high demand of some contraceptives throughout the year.

A pharmacy attendant at the Inter Pharma Pharmaceuticals Limited who spoke on anonymity to DAILY GUIDE explained why most customers preferred using contraceptives.

He hinted, “Most customers say sex with condom is not so pleasurable, so they would prefer taking emergency contraceptives to enhance love-making,” he explained.

At Inter Pharma, prices of condoms ranged from GH¢4 to GH¢25.

Their clientele base ranged from those within the ages of 15 and above, and it is expected that the Val’s Day would cause a boom in the purchase of contraceptives.

At T.C Pharmacy Limited, the Manager, Collins Frimpong, said the emergency contraceptives are always in high demand.

He said, “I do not see how the Val’s Day will influence our sales because contraceptives at our shop get finished before their expiration dates. As for the emergency contraceptives, you can never run at loss. They are in high demand every day.”

The Director of GABSON Pharmaceuticals, George Boye, said business was slow as compared to that of last year.

He said the frequent change in the prices of contraceptive pills accounted for the low sales.

He noted, “People have taste for particular brands so when they come and their prices shoot up, they will not settle for anything cheaper, so, those customers only walk away with their money.”

Mr Boye also admitted that “contraceptive pills are one of the most patronised over-the-counter drugs.”