Landlords Drag Govt To Court

 Ministries and Ghana Commercial bank buildings,

DAILY GUIDE has gathered that individuals, whose lands were used to construct buildings to house the Cape Coast Ministries, Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) and the Courts, are preparing to drag the government to court.

Their action, according to reports, has become necessary because the government, in 1970 pulled down their houses and took over their lands to construct the Ministries, Ghana Commercial Bank and the Court buildings without compensation and gave them OLA Estate houses in return.

In a petition issued to the Central Regional Minister and the State Housing Corporation in Takoradi and signed by the aggrieved persons, they expressed concern about the way in which the State Housing Corporation has been forcing them to pay ground rent.

In the petition, which was intercepted by DAILY GUIDE, they accused government of failing to pay ground rent when their lands were taken from them.

They disclosed that the former Central Regional administration meet their leaders namely, Gyakye, Sepi, Kweku Essuon, Nana Kojo Attah and Nana Ewusi and told them that the government was planning to pull down their houses and take over their lands in exchange for OLA Estate.

The landowners, who are mostly fishermen and fishmongers, expressed dissatisfaction with attempts by government to impoverish them.

‘The government turns round to cheat the poor people because they do not know how to fight against injustice,’ they added.


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