Government Denies Claims Of Impending Reshuffle

The Government has slammed publications hinting at the existence of a possible list of hands to be reshuffled in a supposed impending Ministerial reshuffle.

A statement issued by the Minister for Information and Media Relations, Mahama Ayariga on Friday said the reports are but “an elementary political tactic designed to stay the hand of the President assuming he plans to undertake a reshuffle, or to stampede His Excellency into carrying out a reshuffle, if he intends otherwise.”

The statement said the government has in the last two weeks recorded stringent steps to halt the free fall of the cedi and stabilize the economy and that the President will not be “distracted from pursuing and delivering on the priority areas of the Better Ghana Agenda.”

“If at any time His Excellency the President decides to reshuffle his cabinet, his decision will neither be influenced nor clouded by such reports but will be done through sound judgment and a careful consideration of the resources at his disposal.”