A True Valentine Story!!! Rapper Spends Ghc50,000 On Gift For His ‘Sweatheart’

As the season of love is here, once again couples and loved one across the world think up new and exciting ways to show each other their undying love. Some would think of the celebration of ‘Valentine Love’ as Cliché and to some extent they’d be right. Relationships these days are built first on the benefits to be gained before the love that should be expected. This Valentine’s Day however, Rapper/CEO C-Real has stepped up BIG TIME by acquiring a Ghc50,000 gift for the most important woman in his life. His Mother.


C Real with his lovely mom
The EmCEO drove to his parents home early Friday morning in a Hyundai SantaFe to surprise his Mother. She was elated beyond description and shortly after shed many tears of joy. C-Real seems to be on a mission to prove the difference between the Emcee’s and the EmCEO. Starting the year with an awesome Mixtape (Reigning Season), following with an afro-hiphop banger (Decisions) and now this, it seems the Opeimu is here to make a mark.

Our mothers are truly the most important women in our lives whether you’re male or female and C-Real has reminded us just how much. When asked what promoted this incredible feat the rapper replied, A lot of women will come into a mans life but there will never be one that measures up to a Mother. Her love is truly unconditional and I need to thank my mother unconditionally’

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