5 Disqualified As Group Warns NPP Against Disqualification Of Paul Afoko

NPP National Chairman, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey

NPP National Chairman, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey

Information reaching Pravda News indicates that at least five aspirants vying for various positions in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have been disqualified from contesting by the vetting committee.

Hajia Fatima, Fred Amakwah Sarfo and Philomena Serwah Akoto who were all vying for Vice-chairmanship positions, Kamal Abdulai contesting for the Nasara Coordinator were disqualified.

Meanwhile a group in the NPP calling itself Youth For Afoko (YOFA) has issued a strong warning to the party’s vetting Committee against disqualifying Paul Afoko from the chairmanship race based on a petition filed against the candidature of Mr. Afoko by an unknown person.

In a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Barima Sarpong warned that disqualifying Paul Afoko will only lynch hearts, raise emotions and block the unity we collectively seek which is the main insurance around victory 2016.

Below is the full statement published:
“The threating rumor that has sparked tension in NPP after the vetting of chairmanship aspirant, Mr. Paul Afoko, has hit the signal poles of NPP Youth for 2016. And so our humble and appealing advice for the vetting committee is to uphold truth, justice and fairness.

The New Patriotic Party which is the embodiment of freedom and justice in Ghanaian politics must know what it means to disqualify Paul Afoko for resisting 1982 coup which ousted a constitutional government. It only means turning our back to justice, because, resisting coup against constitution comes up upon the mandate of common sense and constitution.

The NPP solely needs to hear the truth, and the truth means telling NPP that, disqualifying Paul Afoko will surely deepen the unfortunate NDC perpetrated perception of our party as an Akan one. And I don’t need to go on with the consequences of such misplaced disqualification.

Also, we have picked up information on who are front runners in this current chairmanship race, and every objective analysis and investigations, on a small or large scale, put Mr Paul Afoko in the first top two. So with this massive support Paul Afoko enjoys now, it will be politically fatal for NPP to go right on ahead to disqualify him.

Disqualifying Paul Afoko will only lynch hearts, raise emotions and block the unity we collectively seek which is the main insurance around victory 2016.

NPP has been advised severally to live in neighbourhood and brotherhood. NPP, our tradition has best championed justice, fought for freedom and fairness which has been the basic bases of our survival as a people, and as Ghanaians.

And so NPP Youth for 2016 jumping into this matter that threatens our needed unity does not mean taking sides.

Rather, it means fighting for those who deserve and long for freedom and fairness. It means acknowledging the inner truth, respecting what Ghana has often said on paper, and being true to the demands of conscience, love and law. God bless NPP, God bless Ghana”.

Thank you.

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