Suspected Outbreak Of Anthrax In UER

Dr Moses Gbordzi, Upper East Regional Director of Veterinary Services on Friday hinted of suspicion of Anthrax in Gorogo near Tongo but said regional surveillance was in force to contain any outbreak.

The veterinary doctor was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Bolgatanga to ascertain the surveillance level of the region. He however said the situation was under control.

Dr Gbordzi however, alluded that a more worrying problem was a suspected outbreak of ‘black leg’ disease in cattle at Sandema in the Builsa District.

He said Black Leg’ was a disease that affected only the legs of cows and that the meat could be eaten without any effect on humans but cautioned consumers to cook beef very well before eating and avoid eating the legs affected by the ‘black leg’ disease.

Giving more insight of the disease, the veterinary doctor said the ‘black leg’ was a soil borne disease and that cattle affected by the disease developed dark and swollen legs that caused pain to the cattle.

He said cattle that suffered the disease were prone to other infections and added that, vaccination was ongoing to ensure the district was covered and to prevent occurrence of disease in livestock.

Last year, over 40 goats and cows of a household in the Builsa District was destroyed as a result of Anthrax outbreak in the area.