Kufuor had spiritual Advisor At The Presidency – Felix Kwakye

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor had a Spiritual Advisor at the Presidency, Deputy Minister of Information and media relations Felix Kwakye Ofosu has claimed.

‘There was a point where they had a cocoa Advisor to the President who was at the Office of the President. There was even a spiritual Advisor under President Kufuor’.

According to him, Mr Kufuor’s appointment of Advisors of that sort resulted in him having the highest number of appointees during his administration.

‘The highest number of people who have been employed under the Office of the President since the fourth republic occurred under President Kufuor when they had in excess of 700 people….’

Mr Kwakye Ofosu made the claim when he spoke to Radio XYZ’s Strict Proof to defend the 678 Staffers working in the current administration.

However, former Chief of Staff in the Kufuor Administration, Kwadwo Mpiani, told XYZ Breakfast Show host Moro Awudu that the claim by Mr Kwakye Ofosu that Mr Kufuor had a Spiritual Advisor was false.

He said it was high time Ghanaians moved away from the politics of equalisation and did the right thing for the benefit of the entire country.

“That Deputy Minister is just lying…I mean, you know, I think we should go beyond this sort of equalisation. Assuming even if it was there at that time, which it wasn’t, does it mean we should continue to have it for a Minister to come and say that [Kufuor] had Advisors on spiritualism and what not. Who were those Advisors? A minister should not behave that way. We should move forward…we can’t progress if that’s the attitude we take”.

Mr Mpiani said a serial caller or an ordinary person could be forgiven for that comment but not a Deputy Minister.

‘If a serial caller or something says something like that, fine, but not a Minister of State’, he fumed.