I was told I’m beautiful on set but not intelligent for the Show – Gifty Anti marks 17yrs on TV

Popular TV Presenter Gifty Anti is urging young people to be passionate about their work to prove their critics wrong – her words of motivation as she commemorates 17-years as a TV presenter, Thursday.

Taking to her facebook page, she recollects how she wept after a stinging critique when she first appeared on GTV’s Breakfast Show.

She was told she was “beautiful enough to decorate the set, but not intelligent enough for the programme”

It broke her heart. But her resolve was repaired by her late father who encouraged her “the best form of revenge, is to succeed”.

A determined Gifty would go on to develop a successful TV career spanning 16 years at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). She now has her own media outfit, Gifty Dansoa Anti (GDA) Concepts which produces her award-winning programme, The Stand Point – dedicated to promoting gender issues.

The veteran host and News anchor credits her success to the “sheer grace, favour and mercy of God” who placed some key personalities to shepherd her successful career.

Below is full text of her words of motivation:

Exactly Seventeen (17) years ago today, 13th February, 1997, I started my career as a TV presenter. I was at work by 5am, ready to do my work as a floor manager (that was what I was supposed to do) for the first ever Breakfast Show on TV in Ghana.

But, by sheer Grace, Favour and Mercy of God, Madam Beatrice Aidoo (May God continue to bless her) asked me to sit on the red couch with her and read the news papers while she reviewed with the late Harry Mozalas of GNA. The rest, they say, is still History in the making.

 The first review in the news papers of me was “beautiful enough to decorate the set, but not intelligent enough for the programme”. I wept and that was when my dad gave me this advice, “the best form of revenge, is to succeed”.

He encouraged me and urged me on. Mr Edward Boateng of Global Media Alliance, who started the Breakfast show on GTV decided to give me a chance. Mr Wallace Bampoe Addo ( the famous Uncle Wallace) saw something in me and challenged me to do more.

Since 13th February, 1997, I have interviewed thousands of people. Some have become presidents (4 of them: Presidents John Kuffuor, John Mills, John Mahama and Obasanjo, well before they announced to the world that they wanted to be presidents and after they became presidents) and others who were presidents, including Hellen Johnson Sirleaf, the late Muamar Gaddafi etc, world leaders, ministers, political leaders, heads of institutions and ordinary and everyday people like myself etc.

I have travelled around this country and some parts of the world to do stories, human interest stories and cover world events. I have hosted many programmes and national events. I have hosted my own show, The Standpoint, for the past five and half years. I have spoken on many platforms including my favourite one, The Spring Board Road Show, three years consistently.

Today, 13th February 2014, I am speaking to about 2000 pupils on Sex and Sexuality at Kaneshie. I don’t need to tell you that it’s been a rough road, it’s been challenging and sometimes heart breaking. But I have continued to push on, stayed focus and passionate, all by the Grace of God. I have listened to advice and taken in criticisms, while holding my head high, while moving on. 

The Question is: what are people saying about what you do? Do you love what you do? With God, nothing is impossible. You can achieve your dreams only if you believe, work hard and stay focused and trust God.. My journey continues… Will you continue yours? On my 17th anniversary as a presenter, I hope my story inspires and motivates you to do what you love to do despite the challenges. Much love. Story by Ghana|Myjoyonline.com|Edwin Appiah|[email protected]

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