Fisherman Nets Huge Black Cow In Deep Sea

Wonders and signs they say, shall never end. A fisherman in a fishing community called Wuobeweku near Chorkor, a suburb of Accra, Samuel Quaye had the shock of his life when on Wednesday his fishing net caught a huge black cow in deep sea.

The creature had a mark of a ring on one of its legs leading many to speculate that it meant be a deity or an object of sacrifice to appease the gods. But Samuel Quaye believes the cow is a gift from God and not a sacrificial one.

An eyewitness, Henry Coffie, told PeaceFM News that the giant black cow was caught in open sea by Samuel Quaye and his crew after they had gone fishing at dawn.

Later, Samuel Quaye recounted to PeaceFM News that the cow was found in an area where fishermen cannot cross due to excessive noise and destruction from flying vultures.

“…we normally stop anytime we get to this particular area which seems to be a no-go area…Surprisingly just as we were getting closer to that area, there was a strange sound.A sound that was never expected at Sea, and behold it was a black fat cow,” he narrated in Ga.

Samuel Quaye said he believed the strange cow is a reward from God who wants to wipe away his long suffering as a fisherman.The fishermen were ten in number.

Samuel Quaye, who claims this is a first in his 34 years of fishing, further stated that the mark on one of the legs of the cow means is nothing strange. He added that the community has set aside three days for anyone missing a cow, for identification and possible collection.

“…if after 3days, no one comes forward to claim possession, the animal will be killed and its meat shared among all the families in the community,” he said.