Dizengoff partners AMA in fight against malaria

Dizengoff Ghana Limited (DWA) has partnered the Public Health Department of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to implement strategies that will help control the spread of malaria in the national capital and the country at large.

The initiatives involve the introduction of a chemical that destroys mosquitoes, Aquatain AMF, by DWA and the subsequent recommendation by the Public health Department of the AMA that households and public places within the metropolis should fumigate their surroundings using the product.

The Aquatain AMF, which is currently on sale in DWA sales outlets, has been approved by the University of Ghana (UG) to be effective in the control of malaria-spreading larva and pupae in households and public places.

The Director of the Public Health Department of the AMA, Dr Edward Boateng, confirmed the development in an interview, adding that his outfit was hopeful people would embrace it to help reduce the spread of mosquitoes in the area.

“We tested it at the Osu Castle area, where there were a lot of mosquito breeding sites and the feedback we got was very fantastic. Generally, I think its an effective product and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it,” Dr Boateng, who takes care of health issues within the AMA, told the Daily Graphic.

The Commercial Manager of DWA, Agronomist Mr Boaz Yagel Ziegelboim, said in a separate interview that the Aquatain AMF was introduced in response to the rising malaria cases in the country and the national capital in particular.

“Malaria is already an issue in Ghana and the government is spending a lot of resources to fight it. What we have done is to introduce the Aquatain AMF, which is safe for human beings and animals except mosquitoes,” he said.

The product is added to a sizable amount of water and used to fumigate mosquito-breeding sites and Mr Ziegelboim was confident it could “effectively reduce malaria cases in the country if used properly.”

“It’s a new generation of fumigation and we encourage that people use professional fumigators who will follow instructions,” he said.

To ensure that people are properly equipped with the demands of the products, Mr Ziegelboim said the company will be organising a public health seminar on the fumigation and control of malaria on February 13 for interested fumigators in the country.

He, thus, encouraged people to endeavour to attend the seminar to enable them to learn the basics in fumigation and the general control of mosquitoes in the country.

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