Cement Loaders Go Wild!

Workers of Western Brothers Loaders Company (WBLC), a company contracted by Ghana Cement (GHACEM) to distribute cement products from its manufacturing site to end users, yesterday embarked on a demonstration to protest against low salaries and bad working conditions.

The workers, numbering over 100, wore red bands, chanted war songs and converged at the forecourt of the company’s premises at Takoradi.

The aggrieved workers, who spoke to journalists, also expressed concern about the delay in the payment of their salaries, which they said, had imposed hardship on them and their families over the years.

The workers expressed their displeasure about the handling of the affairs of the company by the management, which was negatively affecting them.

They alleged that management of the company had ignored persistent calls for better working conditions by some vociferous workers.

One of the workers, who gave his name only as Nana Kwame, alleged that his salary of GH¢300.00 had not been increased since his employment.

He pointed out that the cement loaders, most of whom are casual workers, called on management to increase their monthly salary from GH¢300.00 to GH¢500.00.

He indicated that due to the dusty nature of the road leading to the cement factory, most of the workers had been infected by diseases and appealed to the management to consider instituting measures to cater for their health.

Meanwhile, no member of management was there to comment on the matter.