Assemblyman Takes On Minister

Mr Kasu was reacting to the Minister’s claim on an Accra-based Citi Fm that the General Assembly of the Ho Municipal Assembly has no power to set up a committee to investigate circumstances leading to some renovation works on the Municipal Chief Executive’s (MCE) residence.

However, Mr Kasu noted, ‘It is laughable when the Regional Minister comes out to say that he has dissolved the committee. He has to go and read his Local Government Act and acquaint himself with the Standing Orders of the Assembly. It is clear he is ignorant…He has no such powers over the Assembly.’

The Assembly member continued that ‘if the Regional Minister is not aware; he only has power over the MCE and not the General Assembly which is headed by the Presiding Member.’

‘The General Assembly which is made up of the elected assembly members representing their electorates does not answer to the Regional Minister. We answer to our electorates; those who put us there. And so we are autonomous, just like how Parliament is not controlled by the President, the Minister cannot control us.’

He wondered why Afotey-Agbo, who is also a Member of Parliament for Kpong-Akatamanso and for that matter a law maker, would be so ignorant of such simple legality.

Mr Kasu, therefore, advised the Regional Minister to go and read his Local Government Act very properly and come again on his statements.

He also reiterated a claim that the Minister was interfering in the affairs of the Assembly by preventing persons summoned by the committee from heeding to their call.

Mr Kasu also alleged that the Minister after threatening the Presiding Member (PM), Yao Semordey, who is also the Regional Coordinator of National Youth Council to dissolve the committee, also instigated his (PM) transfer to Tamale.

He also disclosed that Mr Afotey-Agbo used a similar means some time ago, to dismiss some assembly members to make way for the appointment of the current MCE, Fafa Adinyira.

These and many instances he said prompted 18 out of 39 assembly members to petition President Mahama to call the Regional Minister to order and counsel him to stop interfering in the Assembly’s affairs.

 From Fred Duodu, Ho ( [email protected] mailto:[email protected] )

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