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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Andrew Awuni Exposed…As Zoomlion And rlg Deny Sacking Their Workers


When Mr. Andrew Awuni, the former spokesperson of Ex President John John Agyekum Kufuor formed the Center for Freedom and Accuracy (CFA), many were those who thought the arm chair political think tank would be used to propagate falsehood and also cause fear and panic in the country.

Indeed, after its formation, it has emerged that the pro New Patriotic Party (NPP) political think tank is following the footpath of Danquah Institute and the Imani Ghana that have the penchant to always attack the ruling NDC.

The CFA first started with the issue of the sale of Merchant Bank to Fortiz in which it attempted unsuccessfully to tarnish the image of President John Dramani Mahama by claiming that the President had a certain level of influence in whole affair.

As if that was not enough, it also took the government including SSNIT to court as it desperately wanted to stop the sale of the bank and in the process score political points for his pay masters who are the NPP. The court however threw the case out.

As the merchant bank saga backfired, Andrew Awuni who is the Executive Director for the Center for Freedom and Accuracy is at it again and this time around it is about the depreciating of the cedi against the US Dollar.

Thus, in his usual ploy of trying to denigrate the government and also create fear and panic, Andrew Awuni has revealed that organizations such as Zoomlion and rlg are dismissing their workers in droves because of the depreciating of the cedi.

Speaking to newsmen in Accra on Monday, Andrew Awuni claimed that both rlg, Zoomlion including other multinational companies are laying-off their workers because of the depreciating of the local currency.

He however failed to provide any evidence to that effect.

A source at Zoomlion has however in interview with the Ghana Palaver denied comments made by Andrew Awuni.

It said Andrew Awuni is just creating unnecessary fear and panic as there is no iota of truth in what he said.

“If he had the right information, why did he then refuse to quote the number of people of who have been sacked by Zoomlion but just made a sweeping statement”?, The source asked.

The source wondered why Andrew Awuni has decided to dent his credibility in the name of politics by peddling falsehood and creating fear and panic.

“Peddling of falsehood will not serve Andrew Awuni any good and I will advise him to immediately desist from such behaviour,” the source advised.

Contacts made by the Ghana Palaver at rlg have also denied that they are dismissing workers because of the fall of the value of cedi against the dollar.

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