Accra streets given names

Proposed names have been given to 3,584 streets within the Greater Accra metropolis by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

This was done in collaboration with its stakeholders, including traditional leaders, religious leaders, civil societies, business entities, educational institutions and political leaders.

It is in compliance with the president’s directive to all metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDA’S) to name all streets and number all houses in their respective areas within 18 months.

Validation and sensitisation forum
The Chief Executive Officer of AMA, Dr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, speaking at a public validation and sensitisation forum last Tuesday in Accra, said naming streets and numbering properties was fast becoming the pre-eminent development challenge in the Accra metropolis.

According to him, no one could anticipate the difficulty Accra would face if efforts were not made to have proper street addressing system in the future.

The AMA boss said the forum was to create public awareness on the proposed 3,584 streets names and also serve as a platform for all stakeholders to substantiate the names.

Next step
“After the citywide public forum and incorporation of feedback that will be received, street names will be approved by the Accra planning committee,” he added

Dr Vanderpuije said the AMA would then go ahead to gazette the approved names.

According to him, the house numbering exercise was ongoing. He explained that numbers would be assigned to all properties within the metropolis.

 “We are in the process to procure satellite images, street signs and house number plates,” he added.  

 Public advantages
He said the initiative would make the city user-friendly for the public by improving the system of street coordination to enable people to get around the city easily.

According to him, it would also facilitate the delivery of emergency health, fire and security services to the public by easily locating facilities.

Government advantage
Dr Vanderpuije said there would be increments in municipal revenues and improved urban management through the use of tools for planning and managing municipal services by the technical department of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

Policy framework
A policy framework for implementing the street naming and property addressing had been developed by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

It was done in collaboration with the German International Cooperation, United States Agency for International Development, the World Bank,  the European Union among other partners.

Presiding member of the AMA, Mr Desmond Addo-Biney, addressing the forum, said it was important to note that the implementation of the initiative was based on policy framework and operational guidelines issued by the sector ministry.

Stakeholders’ reactions
The assembly member for Ayawaso Central Metro, Mr Alhaji Sumiala Dickson, speaking to the Daily Graphic, said he was aggrieved because the proposed names displayed at the forum did not reflect agreements reached between them and the AMA.

“We were asked to submit preferred names to the planning committee, which we did after a number of consultations,” he added.

According to him, the outcome of previous enlargements by the AMA was not considered.

He was ready to go to the Town and Country Planning to address his concerns.

Other stakeholders expressed similar concerns.
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