Video: Dead man buried sitting on his motor-bike

If you ever thought that Ghanaians have an odd way of burying their corpse, we have news for you. In Ghana, there are interesting coffins that families chose for their dead relatives sometimes depending on the departed’s profession, hobby or passion.

Coffins range from a Coca-Cola bottle, hammer, corn, mobile phone, etc.

A man who loved his bike a lot, took it with him when he died. Bill Standley, 87, of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, spent many years traveling across the United States, on his 1967 Electra Glide.

Standley left behind three children, two sons and a daughter.

His daughter, Dorothy Brown, said that the idea for her father being buried with his beloved bike, came about 18 years ago when they were discussing what to do with this bike when he died.

Described as a kind of colorful personality, Standley was determined to take the bike with him when he departed.

“What am I supposed to do? I have two children, but only one bike,” he said.

His daughter suggested: “oh dad, just be buried with it.”

Standley liked the idea, and went with it.
With the help of his two sons Pete and Roy, they created a 9 feet by 11 feet plexiglass box.

6 years ago, Standley purchased three plots in the cemetery next to his wife Lorna, so there’s enough space for him and his Harley-Davidson.

Last year, Standley was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and he died of lung cancer on Sunday.

He was buried while sitting on his bike as planned.

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