Road toll brouhaha: University of Ghana to face contempt charges?

Authorities at the University of Ghana could be cited for contempt for allegedly defying an injunction against the charging of tolls on its roads.

Egbert Faibille, lawyer for two students suing the university for charging the tolls said “we are looking at the possibility of bringing up contempt charges against the Vice Chancellor and other principal actors at the University of Ghana”,

The University is charging the toll to pay for a $2.3 million loan it says it has contracted for infrastructural development on campus.

Mr Faibille told Joy News, he filed a writ dated January 29, 2014, urging the highest court of the land to declare the action of the university as unconstitutional because it lacks parliamentary approval.

Reports, however, indicate that the university on Saturday, February 1, 2014, begun charging the road tolls.

Despite government displeasure, the University of Ghana continues to defend its decision to collect the road tolls on the the university’s campus.

Egbert Faibille lawyer for the two University of Ghana students, Ernest Victor Apau and Musah Mustapha, told Joy News the university’s continued collection of tolls could amount to contempt.

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