Value Of Currencies Are Not Prayed For – Okudzeto

Mr. Sam Okudzeto, a lawyer and former President of the Bible Society of Ghana, has said it was not biblical for men of God to command a rise in value of currencies.

He said pastors should confront leaders with the reality and to pray with them for divine guidance and humility to enable them run the economy of the country as God would want them to.

Mr Okudzeto, who was speaking at the National Bible Sabbath Celebration 2014 at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Ashaiman Central, said the “Bible is a litmus test and a measuring rod of our standards in God and faith in Christ Jesus.”

Speaking on the theme, “The Bible & National Life”, he advised Christians to own Bibles in their own local languages which they could read and appreciate what the Bible mandates believers to do since ignorance of the word ultimately leads to the questioning of the integrity of God.

He appealed to all Ghanaians to increase their commitment to the service of God irrespective of their denominations.

Reverend Erasmus N.B. Odonkor, General Secretary, Bible Society of Ghana, said the Bible Society of Ghana was established in 1965 with the core mandate to translate the word of God from its original Hebrew version to Ghanaian languages.

He said his outfits distributed over 560, 000 copies of Bibles throughout the country last year and expressed the hope to increase the number this year.

He said Bible Society of Ghana had translated the Bible into eight Ghanaian languages without adulterating it and currently working on two local Ghanaian languages: Komba and Dagari.

According to him, such translations were meant for the less privileged in society especially those who cannot read English adding that it takes between 20 to 25 years for a full translation to be done.

Reverend Odonkor said the theme for the occasion should serve as a clarion call to all individuals to reflect on their lives and also pray to protect the welfare and sanctity of the nation.

He urged all Christians to let their belief go beyond their lips and make sure that there is a true manifestation of God’s word in their lives.