Some Men Of God Should Learn To Keep Their Mouth Shut – Christian Council

The General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Opuni Frimpong, has charged on Men of God to learn to keep their mouth shut or learn to say sensible things concerning prophecies when it comes to public speaking.

According to him, whenever a priest comes into public domain to say something which he claims it’s from God, he should point out the sins the person has committed to warrant that particular punishment as known in the Bible rather than generally prophesying without any basis.

Rev. Opuni who disclosed this to Hello FM’s King Edward this morning in an interview added that in the holy scriptures, God always advises his people to repent from their sins and when they went contrary to that, HE inflicted severe punishment on them.

Prophecy only comes to redeem and not to put people in a maelstrom of emotions and state of despondency, he noted. When we keep on doing this prophecy stuff as men of God without any basis, we are gradually losing the respect and trust we have in the people.

Look, certain pastors should desist from portraying themselves as gatekeepers of prophecy.

He advised pastors to seek the cogent wisdom of God on how to communicate to leaders, chiefs and other prominent people in the society whenever there is a prophecy concerning them than coming out to speak to put fear and panic in them – that is not what God has instructed us to do.

On the issue of the depreciating Ghana cedi, Rev.Opuni advised people at the helm of affairs to put pragmatic and long term measures in place to find lasting solutions to this economic canker.