Man, 35, battles with thyroid cancer; hopes for miracle

A 35 year old man suffering from Thyroid cancer has one more year to live doctors have pronounced.

Kwabena Bayor, married to Diana Nonpor, 25 has five children all of whom live in a farm house, a one-man settlement tucked away in the bush in a village called Boase in the Tano North District of the Brong Ahafo Region.

Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng and a team from Yaa Afumbea Cancer Foundation traveled to Boase and reports the situation is deplorable.

There is no water in their place of settlement and so they drink from a pond about two hundred metres from their hut. It is very muddy with dirty particles in it but there is no better alternative so this is what they drink. What to eat is even a problem.

Kwabena Bayor until some four years ago was a very energetic and hardworking farmer and a bicycle repairer.

But because of a cancer which has developed on the left side of his neck, Kwabena is now bed ridden and can’t work. Doctors say it is a thyroid cancer.

It’s is a big hard reddish boil which is gradually closing his wind pipe.

Kwabena Bayor, in an attempt to explain how it all started to Seth Kwame Boateng, struggled to speak and in agony, coughs and brings out a very brownish phlegm.

At 35, Bayor now looks far older than his age and has grown very lean with his clothes which once fitted, now hangs loosely on him.

And because of his condition he is gradually losing the hair on his head. He can barely walk and when he coughs without wearing a shirt, you can count his ribs, Boateng reports.

From his appearance it is obvious Kwabena is in serious pain and he confirms it is severe around his heart.

Kwabena has been referred to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. His wife Diana says on their first visit to the hospital, they had to go begging people for money and that has since not changed.

Doctors say Kwabena’s illness has reached a terminal stage and fear he may not live beyond a year. His wife Diana is trusting God for a miracle. She thinks about the possibility of the husband dying and tears begin to drop.

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