Duncan-Williams’ Prayer Can Best Resurrect An Impotent Person Rather Than The Cedi

A member of the communication team of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Richard Asante Yeboah believes the prayer over the falling Cedi offered by the Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) Archbishop Duncan-Williams was wasteful.

The Presiding Bishop and General Overseer led his congregation on Sunday February 2, 2013, to pray thus: “…I hold up the Cedi with prayer and I command the Cedi to recover and I declare the cedi will not fall; it will not fall any further. I command the Cedi to climb. I command the resurrection of the Cedi. I command and release a miracle for the economy”.

But Richard Asante Yeboah averred on Okay Fm that the prayer was a needless venture since the country’s currency is long dead and buried. To him, it would have been better if the prayer was offered for an impotent person rather than the Cedi.

“..the prayer of Duncan-Williams will be better to save somebody who is impotent than the impotent Cedi. The prayer will raise the impotence of a man easily than the impotent Cedi because the Cedi is dead and buried; so how can you resurrect the Cedi? Unless Jesus Christ Himself intervenes,” he asserted.

To those blaming the falling Cedi on the falling prices of Gold and Cocoa on the World Market, Asante Yeboah asserted that the survival of the country’s economy over the years has not been solely on those two commodities but rather on its leaders ability to think innovatively to create jobs for the people which helps to strengthen the economy.

Describing the economic management prowess of NDC government as dead, the NPP communicator sarcastically stated that the government is so weak that if given to trade for profit, they will even run at a lost and in the end turn, to sell charcoal.

“..even if the Gold in the whole world is given to you and you are simply useless and nonperforming, you still cannot transform the economy. NDC government is so weak in economic management that if you give them gold to sell in a week, they will sell at a lost and that will force them to sell charcoal in the long run. NDC inherited quadruple GDP growth, Oil exploration and other avenues for funds but they still cannot transform the economy,” he sarcastically stated.

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