Accused Stuns Court: Says Indian Hemp Is Useful

Drama unfolded at an Accra circuit court Monday when a man convicted of dealing in narcotic drugs told the court after his conviction that he believed in the usefulness of Indian hemp.

His comments sent the courtroom into uncontrollable laughter.

“I have used Indian hemp for the past 11 years and it has made me potent in bed. l wish my wife were here to testify to that,” Barima Odei Ampadu said.

According to him, Indian hemp does not cause madness, but rather cures asthma and cough.

“My wife has also been smoking Indian hemp and using it for cooking,” he added.

Ampadu, who was full of confidence, told the court that just as other herbs were used for medicinal purposes, so was Indian hemp.

He said he started smoking Indian hemp 11 years ago but had traded in narcotics for the past 10 years.

He also told the court that the proceeds from his trade were what he used to cater for his wife and children, as well as his mother.

Ampadu said he made between GH¢100 and GH¢120 a day from the sale of Indian hemp.

He said he sold each roll of Indian hemp for 50 pesewas but when the price of fuel was increased, he also increased the price to GH¢1.00.

Ampadu also told the court that he paid his workers who assisted him in his business.

He said he had never taken alcohol in his life and that Indian hemp had helped him a lot.

He said, for instance, that when the leaves of Indian hemp were grinded and mixed with shea butter, the mixture promoted the growth of hair.

Ampadu said anytime the police arrested him, he paid them and they released him.

He said the dress that he wore was customised for him with the design of leaves of Indian hemp.

After listening to the convict for about one hour, the court, presided over by Mr Francis Obiri, handed him a five-year jail sentence.