TB Joshua Prays For Ghana: Declares Economic Crisis Is Only Temporal

During his church service on Sunday 9th February 2014, Nigerian cleric T.B. Joshua predicted an impending economic crisis in Ghana, further declaring that the predicament would be alleviated before the end of the year before committing the nation to God in prayer.

“The nation Ghana – economic crisis is what I am seeing,” Joshua declared in the midst of a string of prophetic revelations he unveiled in the service broadcast live via Emmanuel TV, a Christian station extremely popular within Ghana. “They should pray for their currency. Economic crisis is the challenge they will have there.”

As the service progressed, Joshua returned back to the subject, stating that the way out of the economic quagmire was close. “God said that in six months they will begin to see the way out,” he prophesied. “It is not something that will go on and on. It is something that will perish this year.”

He counseled the Mahama led NDC administration not to look for scapegoats for the crisis. “My prayer to the leader there is that the common men should not be the ones to be held responsible or bear so much of the burden when it comes to this. It will soon become history.”

He declared that Tuesday and Wednesday should be set aside for prayer within Ghana, adding that he would personally keep the West African nation in prayer. “Any area of the economy in Ghana facing challenges – we commit it into Your hands,” he prayed, joined by The SCOAN’s diverse array of multinational congregants. “When You say Yes, no one can say no. Revive that area in the name of Jesus!”

During the service, Joshua also warned Nigerian politicians that vengeance was nigh for those who shed innocent blood in the name of politics.

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